Transform your ecommerce business with AI

Meet AskTimmy, AI-powered solution that streamlines your customer support and increases sales.

Built by founders of Logbase, with experience from 100,000+ ecommerce stores.

How AskTimmy helps you !

24/7 Customer Support

Automate 80% of queries: Order status, cancellations, and more.
Smart automation: Auto-cancel orders under set conditions.
Seamless escalation: Complex issues go to human reps.
Boosts operational efficiency.
Improves customer satisfaction. 

Boosts Conversion Rates

Replicates In-Store Experience Online
Personalized product discovery: AskTimmy learns customer’s preferences and shows top options.
Detailed info: Handles FAQs like return policies, show complementary products using your knowledge base, thereby increasing AOV.
Instant answers: Handles FAQs like return policies using your knowledge base.
Guides your customers to buy more.
Increases your conversions.

Increasing Average Order Value

Intelligent Search and Matching.
Photo Search: Upload photos of your dresses and find similar items instantly.
Smart suggestions: Get recommendations for complementary pieces, like trousers for your shirts.
Engages customers: Match your room decor with available items seamlessly.
Saves time and effort for your customers.
Encourages additional purchases by showing perfectly paired items.

How AskTimmy works

1. Visit the Shopify App Store.
2. Install AskTimmy.
3. Asktimmy learns from your product details, FAQ and Knowledge base.
4. Contact your dedicated account manager.
5. Get AskTimmy fine tuned to your requirement.
6. Go Live
AskTimmy learns quickly and is ready in 10 minutes. Schedule a call with your account manager to fine-tune Timmy for your store.

Get started today. Transform your customer support and boost your sales and AOV!

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Choose from our plans, made just for you!

Free plan
250 AI replies (for lifetime)
Zoom / chat / email support
2500 AI replies / month
Unlimited products
Configurable budget limits
AI expert assistance
Zoom / chat / email suport

All charges are billed in USD. Recurring and usage-based charges are billed every 30 days.

Frequently asked questions

Does AskTimmy use ChatGPT?

Yes, AskTimmy is powered by ChatGPT, providing advanced natural language understanding to handle your customer queries effectively.

How is the pricing done?

We charge based on the number of replies generated by AskTimmy, ensuring you only pay for the value you receive.

Can I connect my own ChatGPT API?

Yes, you can connect your own ChatGPT API if you are on a professional plan, allowing for greater customization and control.

How do I create an AI assistant using AskTimmy?

Install the app from Shopify app store. Create your first AskTimmy in 2 minutes. Add your content and start getting answers from your uploaded information.

Can I customize the chatbot?

Yes, match your brand colors, add your logo, and customize responses.

Can I customize the responses?

Yes, add question and answer pairs in the knowledge base. The chatbot will learn and respond accordingly.

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